Guided tours available at the »Fugger and Welser Museum«

Guided tours can be booked  here.

The »Fugger and Welser Museum« at 23 Pfaffengässchen looks forward to welcoming you. Immerse yourself in the 15th and 16th centuries and experience something of the history of Augsburg – as the Fuggers and Welsers run their businesses from the Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice, expanding their trade relations across Europe and financing popes, emperors and kings as well as trade missions to India, Africa and South America.

X01: Of trade, money and commodities: Golden Augsburg in the Renaissance

What role did the Fuggers and the Welsers play in electing a new Holy Roman Emperor? What do these political links mean for the city? Find out more about international trade, the importance of commodities, the aspirations and the hopes. You’ll also hear strains of music from the Augsburg Songbook [the Augsburg Liederbuch Renaissance manuscript]. And you can experience the Augsburg burgher dance.


Service: ® Guided tours of the museum
Price per group (max. 25 participants): € 95,– (plus entry Charge)

Duration: 1 hour

This Guided Tour is also available in French, Italian and Spanish.