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Götz Beck  |  Director of tourism


TRUSTEES UNTIL  18.08.2014
Dr. Stefanie von Welser
Prof. Dr. Angelika Westermann

Dr. Peter Geffcken [from 19.08.2014]

Dipl.-Betriebswirt [FH] Martin Kluger   |  context verlag Augsburg [from 01.06.2014]


Martin Kluger

Dr. Martin Tschechne, Martin Kluger

Dr. Jörg Denzer [Dialog in Golden Office]
Dr. Andrea Faber [Living book® & burgher dance]


Ullrich Styra   |  DEKO+DESIGN  in collaboration with:
FB-Art  |   Herbert Fleschutz | Breitenbrunn
Schreinerei Anzenhofer  |   Welden

Dr. Maximilian Kalus   |  Auxnet

Gerhard Funk

Leuchten Ludwig


Bachmann Film


Prof. Johannes Hoyer und Stefanie Bilmayer-Frank M.A.   |  University of Augsburg- Leopold Mozart Centre


Adriana Hiller-Egner und Christiane Zimmermann


Hartmut Walter

Hans-Peter Karches  |  Karches Media

Gerhard Müller und Alfred Reiter   |  RMG Gebäudetechnik


Heinz Schulan [Fugger], Florian Keis [Welser]

Members of the Augsburg Local History Society [Interessengemeinschaft Historisches Augsburg]:
Karin Weizenegger, Willi Stigl, Josefine Buß, Stefan Buß, Sophia Marklowski, Hans Sawatzki, Manuela Seiberlich, Jürgen Neumann, Winfried Fink, Alexander Grabisch, Ursula Stingl

Hanspeter Schrattenthaler, Alex Albrecht, Alexander Gabrisch

Matthias Ubert, David Nilles [Konrad], Sarah Hedgepeth, Christine Callen Schickinger, Clarissa Callen Schickinger, John Kemble, Christopher Busietta, Roman Kotlarzewski, Steve Owen, Gjeraldine Warbeck, Tim Yeo

We would like to thank all those who have assisted us as partners and supporters in creating this museum. We are particularly grateful for the specialist advice provided across a wide range of disciplines.

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