Exhibits you can play with!

The living book®

The »Fugger and Welser Museum« is equipped with state-of-the-art museum technology. As soon as you arrive in the foyer, you are received by our Living Book® ,
a magical book that gives visitors an immediate introduction to the museum. Jakob Fugger »the Rich« and Bartholomäus Welser V come to life here and tell their stories. The various museum themes are introduced similarly, including Konrad, our museum buddy for children. And the book also allows visitors to leave their own comments on the museum in whichever medium they like!

Interactive table

On our Spirit of Travel and Enterprise interactive table, visitors big and small can set sail on an exciting voyage to India and defy storms and sea monsters as the ship’s captain or deckhand – or even as a pirate.

The »Golden office«

The »Golden Office« is where visitors finally meet Jakob Fugger »the Rich« and Bartholomäus Welser V and witness their animated discussions about their businesses. The two figures move about in this historic replica of Jakob’s office almost as if they were actually present.
Visitors can even interact with the conversation and ask questions about the various topics.

Augsburg burgher dance

The Magic Gallery awaits visitors on the second floor. Here, portraits of the city’s patricians come to life and visitors can eavesdrop on their conversations.
The figures are scattered around the dance floor at an Augsburg burgher dance and chat about business, politics, religion and the latest »smart dance moves« from Italy. A portrait gallery full of surprises and insights.

Interacting with the exhibits

At the till at the entrance to the museum, each visitor is given a small sack of pepper. This is used throughout the building to activate the appropriate exhibits. There are exhibits for adults in German and English and children can interact on topics designed for them.

Interaction symbol

…and for children

Each child is given a small bag, the pepper sack and their own »book of accounts«. With them, children are able to navigate the museum independently, make exciting discoveries and solving brainteasers.

So come and see us and try out all our fantastic features in the best place – here at the museum!