The main concept

At home in a structural jewel of the renaissance

The »Fugger and Welser Museum« is housed in a building that aims to bring to life the importance of Augsburg’s merchant families in the early 16th century. Prime examples of these illustrious citizens are the Fugger and Welser families, and the focus is on the main players, Jakob Fugger the Rich and Bartholomäus Welser V.

Following the renovation of the significant and uniquely preserved fabric of this Renaissance building at 23 Äußeres Pfaffengäßchen, which was built around 1530, the museum has an appropriate home at the heart of Augsburg’s upper town.

The main idea

The aim was to give the general public access to this structural jewel. By focusing attention on this important period, it serves as an instructive addition to the city’s existing museums where the origins of Augsburg’s history across the centuries are on display. The main objectives are as follows:

  •  To give local people of all ages an understanding of the far-reaching and influential significance of the city of Augsburg in the early 16th century and to develop their appreciation of it
  • To consider the structures that have generated success over five hundred years and to encourage visitors to think about how these seem to us today
  • To raise awareness of the attractiveness of the city of Augsburg and the region as an economic centre and as an appealing place to live
  • To link up and incorporate the upper town – and its existing range of commercial and cultural opportunities – with the city’s tourist centre and thus revitalise it
  • To make connections with the many tourism opportunities provided by the city of Augsburg in the minds of visitors through the wide range of topics covered by the museum, thereby encouraging visitors to visit other facilities and venues

Our visitors

In terms of social responsibility, the »Fugger and Welser Museum« is aimed at the public in general and would like to attract not just the citizens of Augsburg but also families, schools, people of all ages and international tourists – as far as possible with full accessibility – and to reach them as target groups. It also wants to provide a venue for holding seminars and academic dialogue or symposia and seeks to make reports on the outcomes of these events available to the general public.

Storytelling using state-of-the-art technology

This aim is to be achieved, broadened and updated using an RFID system with upgrade capability that allows visitors to find answers to their questions. In line with ICOM standards, the building aims to engage visitors and create an understanding of what these trading houses achieved through dramatised storytelling, hands-on discovery zones and evocative reproductions. And with dedicated partners, an education programme based on the teaching syllabus, public events, themed guided tours, a network to link up with local people, other facilities and organisations, the University of Augsburg – and the Fugger Centre in particular – along with an online presence via social media and visitor engagement, the range on offer will be broad, diverse, current and open-minded.

In expanding the cultural opportunities on offer in Augsburg through the »Fugger and Welser Museum«, we – the Museum Team and Regio Augsburg – hope to promote the following aims: to arouse interest, create links with history and Fair Trade, transfer knowledge, raise people’s awareness of their own responsibilities and ultimately to stimulate conversation and discussion and cause people to reflect.


A warm welcome to our museum!
We look forward to meeting you and receiving your feedback.