»Augsburg is the German Florence, and the Fuggers are a match for the Medici.«

melanchthon   |   16. century

»European expansion is […] probably the most important development […] of the Early Modern period. Hardly any other process in history has had as great an impact on the world in the long term as the ‘Age of Discovery’.«

Maximilian Kalus   |   2010

»It was in the mining industry that Germany’s labour and capital were separated for the first time in history because market conditions in the Late Middle Ages led inexorably to the construction of large-scale industrial plants.«

Stuart Jenks   |   2000

»The adornment of the Fuggers with gold chains, rings, clasps and strings of pearls clearly makes a mockery of […] all standards of attire […].«

Gregor Rohmann   |   2001

»Who says we are not historically linked?
Our first trade contacts date back to 1505, when ships financed by the Fugger family from Augsburg landed in Goa.«

Manmohan Singh   |   2007