One museum , two families, plenty to experience

The »Fugger and Welser Museum« presents the histories of the most important Augsburg merchant families of the late 15th and 16th centuries, the Fuggers and the Welsers. The museum sheds light on trade and business, communications structures and social networks as well as the significance of Augsburg for the economy as the Middle Ages gave way to the Early Modern period. Above all, it explores the question of just what it was that allowed these two families to succeed in becoming rich.

Links with the present

By returning to the »Era of the Fuggers and the Welsers«, the museum isn’t just shedding light on a glorious past – it also puts our era today under the spotlight by establishing links with the present in the short texts that accompany each topic.

A wealth of interactive zones

Visitors to the museum can enjoy the »wealth« of interactive zones on offer. For example, you’ll hear an imagined conversation between Jakob Fugger »the Rich« and Bartholomäus Welser V. Or you can eavesdrop at the burgher dance on members of the gentlemen’s club discussing the latest tittle-tattle about politics and religion. State-of-the-art museum technology – together with innovative presentation ideas – is used throughout the entire building.